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Meet the Star of the Show Bobby

your furry tour guide

"Bobby will melt your heart"

Bobby the super SUP dog at your service! Bobby comes out on tour, upping the fun factor. He’s the happiest dog in the world and loves to show people around our slice of paradise.

Things weren’t always so bright for Bobby. Bobby started his life in the pound but at 6 months of age he met Ricky and everything has been on the up and up ever since.

It’s often said rescued dogs choose their owners and Bobby did just that. When Ricky arrived, Bobby sat at his feet and followed him around, leaving Ricky to conclude “well I guess you’re coming home with me then”.

Since then they’ve been inseparable, with Bobby learning to SUP and becoming the star of the show of our stand up paddle tour (as you can see by the raving reviews he receives).

Bobby loves paddle boarding, people, pats, balls, sticks and frisbees.

"The most adorable dog you'll ever meet"

"Ricky and Bobby are both phenomenal tour guides"


"Bobby will take you on a

magnificent trip"

"Ricky and Bobby are a dream team"

"Bobby is the perfect little paddle board passenger"

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